Monday, August 27, 2012

10 weeks

I am losing count of the weeks - they are flying by!  I am more in love with this little guy every day.   I still can't completely wrap my head around the fact that I have a baby.  His dad discovered that he is ticklish and he is laughing out loud - it's the funniest thing to me.  He is definitely turning into a little person and starting to be more interested in the world around him.  He loves staring at the remote control  - anything with contrast.

He had his shots last week and they went fine - just a little diarrhea from the dtap.  We went to visit my parents for three days in the Mississippi Delta.  It was delightful to get a change of scenery and time with Deda and Lala and his Aunt Annie, who was off work for a week.  He also met his great grandmother, Nana, who is almost 91.  She has dementia, but is still the sweetest lady.  When I introduced her to Winn, she said "Aw, what a sweet puppy. Wait, that's no puppy!"  It was funny, because he does have puppy-like characteristics - very soft downy hair, sweet innocent eyes, and skin he needs to grow into.   My sister said that when she looks at him, she gets the same warm feeling that she gets when she looks at her dogs (she is a dog lover).  

Speaking of dogs, I feel guilty because our golden retriever, Sela, is getting short shrift lately.   Limited walks because it is too hot and not alot of pets because I feel like I need to keep my hands clean.  She loves Winn though and is very good around him.

I went to see the doctor about my hands and he said it was carpal tunnel and not to worry about it because it would go away when my hormones settle back down.  It has definitely gotten alot better and I was glad it was not much to be concerned about.

I think I had a period last week, which surprised me because I am exclusively beastfeeding.  It was pretty light so really do not know what to make of it.  i am happy to report that breastfdg got exponentially easier in the past 2 weeks.  thank god!

sleep - some nights are better than others.  Generally, he goes to bed midnight-ish and sleeps until 5 am. Wakes up to feed and falls back asleep until 8:30.  Usually I take a nap with him in the afternoon.  He is still sleeping in his rock n' play cradle at night and then sometimes with me.  It's sad that my husband and I have not "co-slept" since about a month before he was born and romance is pretty much out the window right now, because (a) my lactating boobs are not that sexy (b) He is working so hard trying to bring cases in and manage his law practice to keep food on the table (c) it's kind of dry down there.
I started using estrace (estrogen cream) to help with the dryness - so hopefully that will help matters.

I need to stop blogging and wind down - downtime and sleep are such a precious commodities around here!

Love to all of you and may all your dreams come true.

Friday, August 10, 2012

7 weeks old

Hi there!  Blogging with a baby is hard - I still read all your posts, but am having trouble getting my fingers on the key board, since my lap is mostly occupied now.  Winn is doing great!  I go to a breastfeeding support group at the hospital on Fridays and he weighed in at 12 # 3 oz and then 12 # 8 oz when we left.  He took 5 oz from one breast!  I feel like a moo cow.  Breastfeeding is still challenging at times, but it is getting easier.  I was having oversupply issues (Poor baby was getting sprayed on my right side) so I started just nursing one side at a feeding and that is working so much better.

The only thing I am concerned about now is possible tendonitis in my thumbs.  It's called De Quervian's tendosynovitis or "Mommy Wrist."  I had a touch of this in grad school during finals from writing so much and also when I was housepainting alot.  But that was self limiting because I could stop writing or painting so much, but I can't stop taking care of my baby and he is only going to get heavier!  I am going to see the orthorpedic doc on Monday to nip it in the bud.  Maybe get a cortisone shot.

I had a bout of Mastitis a week ago.  Was not too painful, but just felt awful, like I had the flu.  It went away very quickly when I started antibiotics.  I had my 6 week check up on Monday and my doctor says my incision looks great.  I am still about 15 lbs over my prepregnancy weight.

Winn is sleeping 5-6 solid hours during the night.  I usually get him down by midnight and he sleeps until 5.  He sleeps alot during the day, so I feel like I should feel more rested and accomplish more.  I have been watching lots of Olympics.  pretty much od'd on it. no more volleyball and water polo!

Yesterday was my first time back on my yoga mat.  It felt so good to stretch out, though I am somewhat limited because of the tendonitis.  It feels strange to be able to lay on my belly again, though now my boobs are in the way.

Winn is cooing and smiling more.  He has discovered his hands and is now able to entertain himself a bit.   He has still not made the transition to sleeping in his crib from his swing at night.  I think I will work on that this week.  My husband and I are still in disbelief that we have a real live baby in our possession. This time last year, he was a little frozen embie and I was coming down off a hormonal rollercoaster after a retrieval.  I turned 36 last week.  We celebrated by going out to eat for lunch and dinner and Winn was so good on my birthday - let me sleep in and hardly cried all day.  It was exactly how I wanted to spend my 36th birthday.

Congrats to Jen on her BFP!  and to Krista on the arrival of her son!

This time last year

Love this onesie from my husband's friend

Morning of my 36th birthday - can you see how freaking engorged I am?