Thursday, March 22, 2012

Third Trimester

Now I'm finally in the home stretch!  Our appt went well today, besides having to wait 2 hours for the doctor to see us.   I think all the thunderstorms put alot of women in labor and my doctor was running behind schedule.  We did not get to meet with our doula today because she was on call with a laboring mom.

The best part of the day was the ultrasound and Baby W is 2 lb 12 oz and measuring in the 62%tile overall, so about in the 50th when compared to just boys.  My OB says that he will probably end up being a 7.5 lb baby, so that sounds perfect to me.  He was headdown, so I hope he says that way!  He was moving all over the place, but we got to see him sticking out his tongue and opening one eye.  I have some pics, but I will spare them as I think they are probably scary looking to anyone but the parents:)

Today was the first ultrasound we've had that I did not have any nervousness about, so I feel like that in itself was a real milestone.

Our OB let me know that the hospital has a "Skin-to-Skin" policy during the first hour after delivery and they do not cut the cord until it's finished pulsating.  I was happy to hear that.  Also she brought up circumcision and gave us info on it.  I asked her how many parents opt not to do it and she said 10%.  Down south, people get their boy babies circumcised.  I don't want to do it, but my husband is on the fence and I feel like this is more his domain than mine.  I'd like to talk to a pediatrician about it and we've got to start thinking about who we are going to use.

A friend of mine with a 4 month old donated all of her newborn clothes to me and a newborn sleeper that goes in the bed that will probably be nice to have the first month or so.   It was so fun to look at the tiny little onesies.  They were barely worn too.  Her baby is 17 lbs already at 4 months!

We received our REI divident in the mail.  It was $350 (we have REI credit cards that we paid for some of the fertility treatments on) so we'll buy a BOB stroller with this.  I am very excited about the BOB because we walk for exercise almost everyday.

Also looking into breast pumps.  My friend had a breast pump (medela pump&style) that she used for only a month that she said she would loan me, but I just read on line it's not good to borrow friend's used pumps because milk particles with virus, etc had get inside the motor.   However I found this pump online:
It got good reviews is a tiny bit cheaper than the Medela pump and style and it has a "closed system" so no milk gets inside the pump which means you can give it to someone else once you're done with it.  Seems to be the "greener" choice.

Another exciting development this week was that we hired someone to take my place in my husband's law office.  I start training her tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and congrats to Kristin at Buckup Buttercup on the birth of her beautiful twin babies!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

N'awlins getaway

Well, not exactly the babymoon I would envision for myself, but we went down to New Orleans for 2 nights.  One night for ourselves and the next night was a pre-wedding party for my cousin who is getting married in Georgia in a month (we won't be able to go to the wedding).   New Orleans is 70-80% Catholic, so St. Patrick's day is a big deal!   We got out of there yesterday before the parades began, but there were so many people downtown.
Thursday night, we had wonderful meal at a romantic little French restaurant called Lilette's.  Here is a picture of my appetizer!  Yes, that is ice  - got to love a waiter with a sense of humor!

We were going to go to the aquarium on Friday morning, but the line was too long and there were too many little kids everywhere (I know, soon I will be one of these exhausted stroller moms), so we ended up going walking around Audubon Park and Tulane.  It was 85 degrees!  I am so thankful I will not be pregnant all summer long.

This Thursday is our 28 week OB appt and we'll have an ultrasound.  Yay!  We are also going to go to lunch with a doula to see if it's a good match.  I'll post an update after Thursday.  Have a good week everybody!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almost 26 weeks

I'm almost 26 weeks and I have reached an equilibrium point in the pregnancy, a steady state.  Of course, I have minor complaints like sinusitis and some leg cramping at night, but don't have any of the big ticket complaints yet like lower back pain or hemmorhoids.  Headaches have gone to the wayside, thank god!  I feel pretty awesome lately and love feeling Baby W move all around inside me.  I've had checkout cashiers notice my bump and ask me when I am due.  I really like being at the stage in the pregnancy.

One thing that has changed this week is that my husband decided he has to sleep in the guest room now, because I am tossing and turning, pulling the covers, and getting in and out of bed too much for his liking.  And he said that I sound like Darth Vader when I sleep.  Haha - I got the biggest chuckle out of that.  At least I am not snoring.  I think I actually sleep better without him in the bed with me because I have free reign now and I don't have to worry about waking him up.   Hmm, it could be a looong time before we share bedspace again, because I know he will not want to deal with me getting in and out of bed to check on the baby.  He is a very sensitive, light sleeper and I am quite the opposite.

So, the iron supps are not too bad.  Still hasn't taken care of my extreme ice craving.  I probably go through about 5 cups of ice/day.  I do drink alot of water in the process, but I just can't seem to get my fill of ice.  It's like an oral fixation.  And I am eating so much more lately.  Of everything.  I gave up ice-cream for lent, so that was a probably a good thing.  At least ice is calorie free or I would probably have gained 50 lbs by now!  I'm almost to 20 lb weight gain which seems crazy to me, and I have 14 more weeks to go!

My niece who lives in Savannah, GA is 1 today!  I can't believe this past year went by so quickly.    I was with her on her actual birth day last year and it's amazing how far babies come in one year.  At the time of her birth, I was on my second round of IUI taking Clomid, ugh!  That all seems like a murky bad dream now.  So glad we got off the IUI train when we did and went out to Colorado.  Now my niece will meet her first first cousin in June!

The nursery is pretty much done, execept for some finishing touches.  My sister who lives in Birmingham came to visit me last weekend and helped me build a headboard for the twin bed that is in the nursery.  It turned out really great - I'll post pics when I get everything together.  My cousin is hosting a baby shower at the end of this month.  It will be a small, mostly family affair - I have lots of aunts and girl cousins, so I am looking forward to that!   Tomorrow I am going to Memphis to get my hair cut and and highlighted for the first time since I have been pregnant, so I am looking forward to that!  I am also going to run into Babies-r-us and check out their infant car seats and make sure about which one I want to register for.

I need to get going to the office - yesterday we intereviewed a woman who will hopefully be able to take over my position.  I pray that she works out!  

Happy Hump Day - this has not been a "wordless Wednesday" for me.