Thursday, March 22, 2012

Third Trimester

Now I'm finally in the home stretch!  Our appt went well today, besides having to wait 2 hours for the doctor to see us.   I think all the thunderstorms put alot of women in labor and my doctor was running behind schedule.  We did not get to meet with our doula today because she was on call with a laboring mom.

The best part of the day was the ultrasound and Baby W is 2 lb 12 oz and measuring in the 62%tile overall, so about in the 50th when compared to just boys.  My OB says that he will probably end up being a 7.5 lb baby, so that sounds perfect to me.  He was headdown, so I hope he says that way!  He was moving all over the place, but we got to see him sticking out his tongue and opening one eye.  I have some pics, but I will spare them as I think they are probably scary looking to anyone but the parents:)

Today was the first ultrasound we've had that I did not have any nervousness about, so I feel like that in itself was a real milestone.

Our OB let me know that the hospital has a "Skin-to-Skin" policy during the first hour after delivery and they do not cut the cord until it's finished pulsating.  I was happy to hear that.  Also she brought up circumcision and gave us info on it.  I asked her how many parents opt not to do it and she said 10%.  Down south, people get their boy babies circumcised.  I don't want to do it, but my husband is on the fence and I feel like this is more his domain than mine.  I'd like to talk to a pediatrician about it and we've got to start thinking about who we are going to use.

A friend of mine with a 4 month old donated all of her newborn clothes to me and a newborn sleeper that goes in the bed that will probably be nice to have the first month or so.   It was so fun to look at the tiny little onesies.  They were barely worn too.  Her baby is 17 lbs already at 4 months!

We received our REI divident in the mail.  It was $350 (we have REI credit cards that we paid for some of the fertility treatments on) so we'll buy a BOB stroller with this.  I am very excited about the BOB because we walk for exercise almost everyday.

Also looking into breast pumps.  My friend had a breast pump (medela pump&style) that she used for only a month that she said she would loan me, but I just read on line it's not good to borrow friend's used pumps because milk particles with virus, etc had get inside the motor.   However I found this pump online:
It got good reviews is a tiny bit cheaper than the Medela pump and style and it has a "closed system" so no milk gets inside the pump which means you can give it to someone else once you're done with it.  Seems to be the "greener" choice.

Another exciting development this week was that we hired someone to take my place in my husband's law office.  I start training her tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and congrats to Kristin at Buckup Buttercup on the birth of her beautiful twin babies!


  1. Sounds like everything is going great! I'm glad you're finally at the point where you aren't nervous about the pregnancy anymore. Must be nice to feel like a "normal" pregnant woman!

  2. Welcome to the third trimester!!! : )

  3. Congrats on getting to the third trimester! That seems so far away to me...I'm jealous. Sounds like everything is going really smoothly, and I'm so happy for you! I cannot wait until you and we get to meet your little guy!

  4. Congrats on your 3rd trimester :) I borrowed a pump, it can be sanitized. Also think about the hospitals rent them out all the time.

  5. Welcome to 3rd trimester! Time really started flying for me when I hit 3rd trimester. Enjoy it while you can! :) I too am going to use a pump from a friend. I checked if this was OK in my BF class and they said yes. But I can also understand that there are some things you may want to buy new for your baby. For us it was picking out a crib I really liked vs using a hand me down from a friend that wasn't quite what I would've picked out.

  6. Awww...thanks for the congrats! :)
    So excited for you being in your 3rd trimester!!!!

  7. Wow you are in the home stretch, congrats! I haven't even thought about a pump or anything else, we don't even have a crib yet. I am sure I will get around to figuring things out. Glad you are having a "normal" pregnancy!

  8. I found this trimester to go by the fastest. Take lots of pictures! Enjoy the movement. It will start to feel ver different as time goes and it may even catch you off guard. Thanks for the advice about the pump.