Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3 weeks old!

I can't believe baby Winn (yes, that is his name) is 3 weeks old!  We got his social security card in the mail today.  It literally seems like he was born yesterday.  We are slowly getting the hang of things.   Today our washing machine broke down, so I took him out to Sears to look at new washers.  We are doing cloth diapers, so going without a washer is  not an option!  Cloth diapering was going great for a couple of days until he got a diaper rash and I realized that most diaper rash ointment is not compatible with cloth diapers.  Took me 3 days to have a spare moment to research which ointment to order on-line.

Then there was trying to figure out our health insurance situation.  We are currently on Cobra and were wanting to get individual policies until I found out yesterday that an individual policy (with maternity, just in case we decide to go for #2 in a year or so) for me would be $700/mo.    Holy shit!   The guy helping me said that it's because I am taking synthroid and take imitrex for my headaches.  Health insurance in Mississippi sucks.  BCBS is the only health insurance in the state that offers maternity.  Well we are staying on Cobra until we figure out something else.

Breastfeeding is going better.  I do have these weird random letdowns all during the day when I leak all over.  While I am feeding him on one breast, the other leaks like a damn faucet.  I am still wearing the nipple shield on my left side because my nipple stays sore.  I spend alot of time walking around my house topless letting the ladies breath because I am terrified of getting thrush.  Yeast loves me and seems to love my son too.  I am already using nystatin on his diaper rash.  

Winn has alot of gas after eating.  Been using gas drops, but can't really tell if it helps.  He is sleeping pretty good at night after 1 am.  He usually sleeps until around 5 or 6 and then wakes to feed, then goes back down for a couple of hours.  We co-sleep during naps, but he sleeps in a cradle or his co-sleeper during the long stretch at night.  I love having his little body curled up next to mine.    It's amazing how much babies this age sleep!  He sleeps alot on my chest in the Moby wrap (which I am loving for this age) during the day.   I am using this little gadget called Itzbeen to keep track of the times between feedings.  It has been a lifesaver.  I also like the My Breast Friend.

I am definitely more worn out post partum than I was 40 weeks pregnant.  I feel like I've gone from the pregnant princess to the post-partum peasant (I read that it in a book somewhere).  Definitely feeling the baby blues at times.  My c-section incision hurt alot yesterday evening ( l lifted something I should not have).  I can barely find time to brush my teeth and shower, but I know this stage won't last forever and when it's gone I will miss it.

Thank you all for your supportive comments on my birth experience post.   Still coming to terms that I didn't get the birth I wished for - sometimes I just really want a do-over. However I did get the baby I so desperately wanted and I have to keep my mind on this.  I am still amazed that I have a son.  I love watching him sleep and then trying to wake up.  He does this little shaking thing with his fists when he streches way out.  We still don't know who the heck he looks like.  I think he was trying to smile at me this morning.  It won't be long until he is smiling at me all the time:)

Here is a picture of him in the "pod" I knitted for him which is actually too small for him.

  This pic is from today - He's dreaming about his future soccer career. .  .


  1. I love the name Winn. : ) Your little man is so adorable. I'm glad things are going well, if exhausting. I wish we lived closer so we could have play dates!

  2. Oh, he is so cute and he looks so happy! It sounds like things are going pretty well (including the sleep deprivation which is par for the course).

    I completely understand about the leaking breasts. This happens to me all the time. I try not to wear a bra while in the house and I definitely cannot sleep with one (it feels so confining), so I'm always leaking and always changing shirts.

  3. I feel like I could write your last couple of posts! W is so precious! I too have had some baby blues, the complete lack of sleep doesn't help! And with breast feeding, it is so hard to get things done! You must have a great supply if you are leaking :) My supply is just so so. I've been giving my baby the gas drops too, but they don't seem to do that much.

    I haven't busted out the Moby yet, but I have used my Ergo carrier & baby girl loves it! I walked the mall the other day & she was very content! I hope you are getting out of the house a little. I know it is a lot of effort, but does wonders for you state of mind! I'm glad you updated, I've been thinking about you!

  4. That's awesome on the sleep -- a 4-5 hour stretch is amazing!!! Glad you are being persistent w/ the bf-ing. I used the Medela disposable leak thingamajigs -- they were amazing. Like maxi pads for your boobs. : ) Good luck and enjoy these early weeks. Look forward to following in your footsteps!! Love the pics and thanks for the update!

  5. My little girl was born on June 23rd. We're also using cloth diapers (through a service though). Why are most diaper creams not compatable? Which one did you find works?
    Thank you so much, and congratualtions he is beautiful!


    1. the verdict is still out - so far no real improvement with the natural stuff. I don't want to go back to A&D, but might have to. I have been using Triple Paste with a paper liner and that seems to keep things from getting worse. I will keep posting about it :) Hope you have a smooth L&D!

  6. What a little cutie! Hey, if he is already sleeping 4 - 5 hrs at night that's pretty good! BTW, a friend of mine told me about a product called Milkies ( that is great for collecting and storing the milk that leaks from your other breast when breastfeeding. I just registered for it, as with twins I'll need all of the milk I can get! Maybe that might be helpful for you?

    So glad everything is going well, sleep deprivation/baby blues and all. Enjoy these precious weeks!

  7. Oh he is adorable. We have that exact same cushion - very useful for deeding and sleeping too.

  8. Love the name and the pics too cute. I want a do over of my birt story too...I figure baby #3 if we're that lucky is my chance. :)

  9. Loved the update and the pics. Congratulations!

  10. So great to get caught uo with you and Winn ~ love his name! I'm sorry your birth story wasn't all you dreamed it would be... I think that just seems how things roll in this land of IF, but frustrating. Can't wait to hear what's next for your cutie pie!