Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby Bunting and Baptism

Winn is 20 weeks or 5 months and getting so big!  He can roll from this back to belly, and today he mastered belly to back!  He loves blowing raspberries and is getting alot for vocal and crying almost everytime I put him on the changing table.  He loves all variations of peek-a-boo and for some reason really likes it when I say "no m'am" to him.  It's so fun picking up on his sense of humor.  We have been enjoying this fall weather by taking lots of walks with him in his carrier (highly recommend the Beco gemini) and he's been wearing his baby bunting since it's been so cool this week.

On the breastfeeding front, I saw the breastfeeding doctor in Jackson and she did not think I had thrush, but did diagnose me with a vasospasm.  I really couldn't believe it wasn't yeast and it took me about a week to really understand that my nipple irritation was due to vasospasm.  I stopped using cold vinegar rinses.  I noticed that my clothing rubbing was really setting off the vasospasm so I got some Medela breast shells and they have helped alot.  I'm definitely alot better now.  There is medication I could take to stop the vasospasm called nifedipine (BP med) and I took it one night and it gave me a migraine, so I couldn't take it anymore.  I am taking high does of magnesium, calcium and Vit D which is also recommended.   Half the battle was figuring out what was going on with my nipple.  It really sucks when breastfeeding is not comfortable.

Winn was baptized a couple of weeks ago and it was really sweet. He wore his daddy's christening gown.  Probably the only time I will be able to dress him up like a little doll :)

Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. I love the pic of W in his baby bunting! I just ordered C a little snowsuit for when we hit the snow. I'm am going to die of the cuteness! I'm glad they figured out the problem with breast feeding, but so disappointed for you that the solution stinks :( You have been a great mom putting up with all the discomforts of breast feeding & continuing to do so! Love all the pics, W is adorable!

  2. Hello Winn! You continue to be completely adorable!!

    I'm sorry about your nipple problems. Freakin' breastfeeding.