Sunday, March 22, 2015

One Year Later

My baby girl turned 1 year old two weeks ago! She has been walking since 11 months, so she can almost keep up with her big brother now.  They are both napping at the same time right now and I am enjoying the rare peace . . . no, Winn just woke up.  Winn is on spring break, not that he really needed the spring break as he only went to school 8 days in the last month with all the snow days and sick days.  So here I am, mother of 2 beautiful, busy toddlers.  This past year has been exhausting but also exhilarating.  I have no great words of wisdom to bestow. . . just do your best to remain calm in the face of adversity whether that me a negative pregnancy test or a screaming toddler.  I had my yearly annual check-up with a new OB-gyn last week.  Feels so strange to be completely on the other side of pregnancy and childbearing.  I don't forsee a third baby in my future, though I will dutifully pay the frozen embryo storage fee that went up 50 bucks this year.  We are happy with a family of four plus 1 puppy dog.  As my baby days are drawing to a close, I feel some nostalgia but mostly excitement for what lies ahead as Meredith and Winn begin to explore the big wide world.  Spring is here finally! The redbuds, pear trees and tulip trees are blooming.  I've planted carrots, radishes, arugula and peas in my garden.  We have finally adjusted to the "Spring Forward" time change and am looking forward to longer, barefoot days which also bring more skinned knees.  I've started weaing Meredith but am contemplating donating to the Mississippi Milk Bank before I retire from lactation.  It's crazy to think I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for over 3 years now.  I wish I had not spent so much time worrying about whether I would get pregnant or not and had more faith in the process.  I suppose it all works out one way or another . . . I think I need a new blog now - probably not though given it has taken me 2 weeks to write one little post and it has been a whole year gone by!  Good bye to all my friends in the blogsosphere who are hopefully too busy chasing toddlers to check blogrolls.  It's been a great journey and it's wonderful to be on the other side now.