Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stubborn Subchorionic Hematoma

I wish I had never heard of this medical condition, but by now I am on intimate terms with it.

Yesterday's ultrasound showed little change in the size in the hematoma.  The tech measured 6 cm and and last week it was 5 cm.  It is as big as the baby and lies like a little cresent hammock underneath it.  I was disappointed because I have been really trying to take it easy and it did not seem to help.   This week, I am going to try to do more bedrest to see if it helps.

On a happier note, the baby is doing well and is measuring 12wk6d (different techs come up with different measurements).  I am just trying to focus on that that and that the overwhelming majority of SCH resolve.


  1. Oh my gosh...I have been so in my own little world...I didn't know you were pregnant! Huge congratulations! And so sorry you are worried about the hematoma...I had one in this last pregnancy and it resolved, so that can happen (almost always does happen...still, I know it's scary...) (and me losing the baby had NOTHING to do with the hematoma, FYI.)
    Anyway, huge congrats to you and glad your baby is doing well. So excited and happy for you!

  2. First - Congratulations!!! You are the second of my 'beta buddies' to have a surprise :) I read your previous post too and a SCH is really scary. I bled (like a TON) with my pregnancy with Olivia for 16 weeks before it shrunk and disappeared. I am not sure there is anything that can be done but bed rest is probably the best idea. Best of luck!

  3. I don't know that I even congratulated you yet on your GREAT news - I'm so behind in every aspect of my life, including blogging. I'm so excited for you! How is everything going with the SCH and your little bean?

  4. Good to hear from you! Can congratulations on #2!!! So exciting!!!! Glad the little bean is doing well!