Saturday, May 14, 2011

IUI No. 4

Today's IUI was the smoothest by far.   I had 2 follicles that looked good (no issues with the letrozole). 17mm and 21 mm.  Endometrium 11.5.  I opted for 36 hr (though my clinic recommends 24 hr).  We did not have any problems getting out the door at 6 pm (except for a little heated exchange between me and DH over him taking his sweet time and jumping in the shower at ten min before departure).  No crazy lady cutting me off on Hacks Crossing like the last time I drove to Memphis.  We were the only people in the waiting room this morning.  Only 1 other couple getting an IUI this round (unlike last time where I felt like I was at the mall).
DH did his thing (he is a good sport, though I think his patience is wearing a little thin). We did our usual 8 am Whole Foods breakfast and shop.  I got some really good blueberries.  And chocolate chip cookies.

I was not nervous at all this time around (well maybe a little when I was waiting on the nurse to come back in for the procedure).  I listenedd to circle and bloom, which really helps, along with an eye pillow to block out the overhead light.  It was the first time it didn't feel like the nurse was digging around in me trying to get the catheter in.  It is quick and painless for the first time. I hope that is a good sign.
To kill an hour before our acupuncture appointment, I went to Anthropologie where I was the only customer, since it was 10am.  I found a very cute skirt.  Shopping always lifts one's spirits.

Acupunture went well and I have come home and not done a damn thing, really.  I need to be cleaning up, but blogging is much more entertaining.  I am going to take it easy for the next 12 days.  No long walks, just nice easy strolls and gentle yoga for me.  Wishing all the love and luck in the world to anyone who is undergoing fertility treatments right now.  Until then, TortoiseMama

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  1. Thanks for the comment! Wishing you luck with your IUI/ 2WW! I hope it flies by, and I know wearing that adorable skirt HAS to help. Love it!