Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to Normal

Well, I feel like I am finally getting back to my old routine.  My plants are watered, the laundry is done, the refrigerator's restocked, bills are paid, the dog's been walked.  35th birthday came and went.
We've been harvesting okra out of our community garden plot.  Our tomatoes haven't done squat this year.
I think all these hormone fluctuations took a toll on my body.  I have been detoxing.  I have had some mini-hotflashes (doesn't help that it's 100 degrees outside).   I have been sleeping solid for 8-9 hours and having crazy dreams again.  I feel like I did not dream at all in Denver.  
I went on my usual 3 mile walk yesterday and felt fine.  It feels like I own my body again and I am not at the mercy of all these hormones.
I did have a spell of sadness yesterday morning just thinking about how we're not done yet.    I just have to tell myself that this is going to work and try not to worry so much.
So, FET Ladies, I have a question.  How long does the FET last?  Do you have to take BCP?  or can you start Lupon on Day 21 of your cycle.  I wish I could do the unmedicated cycle, but since we are traveling to Denver, I can't take the chance that we would have to turn around and go home due to ovulation.  Why do they not want you to ovulate?  Is it because they can control the hormones better?
And have any of you heard of "endometrial scratching"?  It's supposed to increase implantation of the embryo.  My mom's friend was saying her daughter had it done after she didn't get pregnant with the first transfer and then did the scratching thing, and she got pregnant twice.


  1. Hey TurtleMama - glad you're back home. Don't be sad, you had amazing results and your FET will be here before you know it! Can't really help with your questions as don't have experience with these things but I'm sure someone will chime in.

  2. hi!
    in my opinion FET was soo much easier than IVF. it was like 2 weeks of monitoring and a couple was quick and easy.
    the endometrial biopsy (scratching) is supposed to dramatically raise implantation rates. i had it done before my last ivf and got pregnant with twins. my body failed them eventually, but i think the endo biopsy really helped.
    please let me know if you have any specific questions, i have had 4 ivf and 1 fet so far. im wishing you all the luck...

  3. My FET (I got my calendar when AF came after my ER so you should be getting yours soon-ish):
    5/25 AF came
    5/27 Started BCP
    6/11 started Lupron
    6/15 stopped BCP
    ~ 6/18 AF came
    6/20 started ERT
    7/8 added prometrium
    7/13 FET

    I'm guessing the BCPs are to stop ovulation. I'm pretty sure that's why we have to do lupron for FET. It seems like a long time but it goes by fast. And like bibc said, it's WAY easier on the body than ER!!!

    I didn't do the scratching so can't help you there. But let me know if you have any other questions.