Sunday, April 17, 2011

2 week wait begins

Yesterday's insemination went well.  I'm glad to be on the other side of the IUI, but now I have two weeks of wondering if it worked.  A couple of weeks ago I did a Resolve teleconference on "Surviving the 2 Week Wait"  The woman who led the conference was a veteran of infertility and now counsels people through infertility or "subfertility" which is what most people are.  Basically, infertility is loss of control.  Loss of time, loss of a dream, loss of fiances.  This puts a strain on many relationships which can lead to isolation and ultimately depression.  Her coping strategies consisted of 1) gettting support through either support groups or counseling, 2) be informed, ask lots of questions to your doctor, and 3) identify stressors and try to avoid them or reframe your negative thoughts.  Example: "I am doing everything I can to make this successful".
She recommended Alice Domar. and her focused breath technique, which is basically diaphramic breathing. Breathe in for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts.
I tried it while I was in the waiting room for the IUI and it helped somewhat.  I also did some tapping which I think works better for me.  You feel pretty silly doing it, but it calms your central nervous system down.
Also Circle and Bloom IUI/IVF mind/body meditations has been a lifesaver.  The woman's voice is so soothing.  When I get pregnant, I am going to get her next installment.
Last night, we visited with a couple that just had a baby 5 weeks ago.  She was having a hard time with the breastfeeding.  It was interesting to see how all that works.  Getting me prepared for what's ahead.
So I have some good tools to get me through the next 2 weeks.  Let's just hope they work!

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