Monday, April 11, 2011

Tripping on Clomid

Last night I watched the movie Tron because my husband likes Jeff Bridges.  It was a sci-fi futuristic show with lots of flashing lights and action.  I got tired and went to the bedroom and noticed that shadows in the room seemed to be moving and it made me dizzy.  Then I noticed when I passed my hand in front of me I saw tracers. It was strange!  I alerted my husband to my newfound affliction and he wondered out loud if it was related to Clomid.  I had vaguely recalled reading something about visual problems with Clomid, but that it was rare.  I called the nurse this morning and left a msg.  She called me back after lunch, and by that I had already taken another clomid.  She said the doctor wanted me to stop clomid immediately and the we would have to cancel this cycle.  Ugh!  I have taken 4 out of the 5 pills, so I called her back and she said that I could get the u/s, but. .  . So that is where I am at now.  I'm blaming it on my husband for wanting to watch that stupid Tron movie!

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