Friday, April 15, 2011

Third time's a charm

So had my day 9 u/s and this cycle is a-go!  Even with only 4 days of clomid.  No lasting problems with my vision, thank the lord!  I injected myself with the trigger shot last night (first time ever giving myself an injection and it wasn't too bad) and we will have the 3rd IUI tomorrow morning.  I have been so tired today and have my pelvic region has felt tender all day, especially my left side where the dominant follicles are.  This is our first 36 hour IUI, so I am hoping this timing will work better.

Last night, my uncle who is a vet, gave me 2 boxes of expired pregnancy tests (about 50 tests in all), that a hospital had given him.  I tried one this morning to see if it still worked and I got my first positive! Of course only due to the HCG trigger shot, but it was still fun to see.  I feel like this IUI stuff is old hat now.  We know the drill and at least we get to go to Whole Foods and get acupuncture tomorrow.    I am hopeful that this may be our month!

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