Thursday, April 7, 2011

Doctor Day

Met with Dr. D. today. She thinks 3-4 more rounds with IUI. Start u/s on day 9 and possible do trigger shot then if follicles are big enough.  She said the last round my follicle was measuring too big at Day 11.  She thinks I respond well to clomid which is good news I suppose.  I had acupuncture this morning and I think it helps me remain somewhat calm.  Even though I did not get bad news today, it still depresses me when I have to go to the fertility clinic.  But at least there are people that can help me.  My acupuncturist told me that Dr. D may be moving, but she did not say anything to confirm this and I did not ask.  I've pretty much already decided if we go IVF we go to Colorado.  But so hoping that the IUI will do the job.
If it doesn't work this month, then we move on to a mixed protocol with clomid and injectables. This will increase the chance of multiples to around 20% but only 2% chance of higher order multiples.
Dr. D still thinks 24 hr IUI is the way to go. But I think she will be willing to meet me in the middle at 30 hour.  The washed sperm only last 12 hours.  and if you ovulate 36 hr after trigger shot then the 24 hour may not cover the time the sperm lives if you ovulate at 37 hr post trigger shot. Thinking about the logistics of this stuff will tie a knot in your brain.
My cycle was 29 days this month. And that is with me ovulating on Day 12-13.  So 17 day luteal phase which is long!  My TSH check out at 1.7 so that is good news.  Let's just hope it stays in this happy fertile range.
I found out today that a girl from my hometown is pregnant again after she lost twins due to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.  That is a really good thing for her.  But of course my mother tells me this after my meeting with the doctor.  Which just hits a nerve because she has a bad habit of announcing pregnancies after I've just met with my fertility doctor.  I mean, come on, can you pick a little better time for that.  I guess it is partly my fault.  I should know better than to call her after an appointment when I feel a little more emotionally fragile.  Even though, she is someone who deserves to be pregnant again and who has been through alot, my ego sees it as they are pregnant and I am not. . . hoping that will change soon.

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