Monday, April 4, 2011

TurtleMama speaks

"Not pregnant" - these are the first words I encountered this early morning from the digital POAS.  2nd IUI a complete bust.  It was a 24 hr IUI with clomid.  I really wanted a 36 hr IUI, but the clinic does not do IUI's on Sunday (day of rest down here) and I was stuck with 24 hr since my day 11 and 12 is falling on Fri/Sat.
Even after 2 years of TTC I still get a shot of adrenaline from POAS that sometimes keeps me from falling back to sleep. So what better way to combat insomnia than creating a blog for my tortoise baby.
Who knows how long this journey will be?
We meet with our RE this week to discuss next steps.  Thinking of going to Colorado (CCRM).  Should I go or should I stay?  The success stats are much better at CCRM.   But it means starting over. 
These are the dilemmas that play through my mind in the wee hours of the night and morn.  
If only the stick had 3 less letters on it this morning.  
Step by step. . . I amble on. . . hoping that my AF holds off until Wed, so 36 hr IUI will be possible. 

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