Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CD 33

I've never gone this long!  I did a pregnancy test this morning just to be sure.  Of course it was negative which is a good thing with all the lupron I have been on.  I feel crampy and saw tiny bit of color on the tp, so I think AF is eminent.  Been craving milkshakes and potato chips - sweet and salty!  I caught a bit part of Pulp Fiction this weekend in the hotel. I saw the scene where Uma Thurman orders a $5 shake and I have been craving one ever since.  This song has been in my head for 3 days.
Here's to lupron milkshakes!  So happy for Kelli this morning!  Thank god for all you women helping me get through this crazy time.  


  1. Love all the food you describe and husbands just don't understand. You will be on your way soon! Once again, isn't crazy how we beg for AF to come, when once we cried or in my case had a few drinks.

  2. Thanks lady!! I hope this cycle is it for you....hurry up AF!!!! And yum a milkshake sounds so good right now!!

  3. All those times you don't want AF to come and she shows up and now when you do want her to come, she disappears! Argh, I'm frustrated right along with you. I'm hoping she makes an appearance soon!