Thursday, September 15, 2011

Turtle Call

Well, It's been pretty serious over here at Tortoise Baby, so I thought I would lighten the mood with this link.  The guy the turtle called is actually my brother who is in the process of restoring an antebellum home.  He is almost finished with the project.  This turtle call makes me laugh everytime I listen to it.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Morning update: I just had the strangest dream.  I dreamed that my sister in law who is very fertile (3 children) decided she wanted to do IVF after not getting pregnant for 9 months of trying.  The nurse came into the waiting room and was like we can't do the transfer unless you pay your bill, and my SIL looked at me and was like I need your credit card.  I just about lost my mind and would not give it to her! Somehow it worked out for her they did the transfer.  And then I was so upset again, because I just knew it was going to work for her and not for me.   This dream was so threatening.  SIL rivalry!


  1. Hilarious!! Where did you find this guy, and what a great business idea! I just might have to use this with someone....hmmm. I also love that he's a turtle given the name of your blog, very fitting. And you brother sounds like such a nice guy - I would have hung up a long time before!
    Glad you're finding reasons to laugh these days - we all need to!

  2. That is so funny! Your bro sounds like a really nice guy, particularly since he took the time to talk to a turtle. What was your bro's reaction when you talked to him after the call? He didn't seem the least bit perturbed in talking to a turtle.

  3. Some of friends pranked him. They paid this guy who makes a living impersonating a turtle! He was pretty good natured about the whole thing. I would have been so embarrassed!

  4. Hilarious! It's funny how he just keeps calmly talking to 'the turtle' and answering all of his questions - so many people would have just hung up.