Thursday, October 20, 2011

6 weeks update

Thank you to everyone who made me feel better about the spotting incident.   I don't know what I would do without y'all and this blog.    I would be at the mercy of Dr. Google and all those scary statistics.  It hasn't happened today and I am praying that it was an isolated incidence.  Still not too heavy on the symptoms, except a couple of nights, I have woken up extremely parched and had to drink alot of water.  Food is fine, except lots of things I normally eat like yogurt and pretzels don't seem appetizing.

I got my 6 week numbers from my nurse today: E2 - 2079;  P4 - 16.5;  HCG - 41,370

She was happy with the numbers and said I can go down to 3 estrogen patches on Sunday, but to keep the progesterone the same until the ultrasound. 

I will need to recheck estrogen on Tues and then recheck everything again on Thurs.  The nurse said I will need to do labwork every couple days while they are weaning me off the meds.   

I am going to check to see if my local hospital can do STAT labs on estrogen and progesterone.  It would make my life a little easier.  I've gotten to be friends with the lab tech at the hospital in Tupelo.  She calls me Butterfly Girl, because I requested the butterfly needles because my veins are so small and hard to find.  

Unfortunately, while I was checking out, they told me I will owe $550 for today's labwork.  Holy crap!  And the sad thing is that my BCBS $1500 deductible is not even close to being met, even with all the thousands of dollars of medical care I've had this year.  The CCRM nurse told me to make sure that they are billing it to insurance as "High risk pregnancy" and also I can get my ob-gyn to write my orders next week and then insurance will probably apply it my deductible at least.  And once I meet my deductible, I will have to start over in January.  Oh well, any little bit will help. 

On a side note, I attended my first protest yesterday in front of the Courthouse on the Square in Oxford.  It was a Mississippians for Healthy Families ralley coming out against Amendment 26.  I saw alot of people I knew and there were alot of college kids there.  A woman from Jackson gave a little speech about how she had her 3 children from IVF and she wants this opportunity to be there for all Mississippians if they are diagnosed with infertility.  We don't need lawmakers telling RE's how to do their jobs.  It was good for college kids to hear this because this is their future.  While I am not happy that this ammendment is going to be on Nov. 8th ballot, it is bringing more awareness to infertility and IVF.   It also makes me really glad that my snow babies are in Colorado and not Jackson, MS.


  1. Congrats on your 6 week numbers! Sounds like everything's going GREAT!

  2. Congrats!! I hope you feel better...everything seems like it's going swimmingly. Can't wait until your first ultrasound next week, sounds like it's going to be a happy day!

  3. Hi--I just found your blog through Mo's (Life and Love in the Petri Dish) and wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy. I live in MS too (in the Delta) and would absolutely not want my snow babies here either.


  4. It sounds like things are moving right along-- 6 weeks, yay!!

  5. Yay-great numbers! I'm totally into the butterfly needles too! Wait...that makes me sound like a junkie...oh, you get what I mean :)

  6. 6 weeks already! I am sure time is slow for you but every time I read your blog it's another week! Can't wait for u/s. Holy crap is right on the blood work price. That is crazy. I went to the local hospital and they were able to do all my labs and u/s and it was covered by insurance. Manni from The Journey Continues gave me that idea so defiantly try it. It worked for me and saved me tons during the IVF process.

  7. Thanks for your comments on my blog today and for the information. So glad things are going well for you.