Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The last couple days, I've noticed that I have become increasingly obsessed with checking my pantyliner and TP for fear of spotting.  And this morning that fear became a reality.  Even though I know that spotting is fairly common during the first trimester, I would really rather not experience this.

It was light brownish red and kind of watery and not a huge amount of it.  I am putting myself on bedrest for the rest of the day.

It really shook me up.  It just makes me realize that I am not out of the woods and really have no control on the outcome of this pregnancy.  This has been the longest 2 1/2 weeks of my life - Tomorrow I am 6 weeks and will get my hormone levels checked - I would like to throw an HCG in the there too.

I am looking forward to next Tuesday's ultrasound, but also dreading it, because this will be either be the best day or the worst day of my life.   There is just so much riding on this.   I can't bear the thought of having to start over.  When I see what so many women have to go through to get a viable pregnancy, I am a lightweight, but it just seems like it would be so daunting to do another FET.  I have been on the freaking hormones for 2 months and I just really want this to work!


  1. Oh gosh, I don't blame you for getting worried. It's such a nerve-wracking thing when you have so much on the line. Of course you know that spotting is pretty normal in early pregnancy, and you had such strong betas that things are probably fine. But again, I don't blame you for being freaked out by seeing a little blood - anyone in your shoes would be! I hope you are able to take a few deep breaths and just hang on until Tuesday. At least you get to do a bloodcheck tomorrow and can get a sense if everything is looking normal.

    I have my fingers crossed for you that you make it to Tuesday without incident. Hang in there!

  2. I don't know if this helps but my understanding is that dark and brownish spotting is OK. As you know I had some bleeding last week. Mine was bright red (more than spotting) and coupled with cramping. They said if it were dark and without cramping they would not be worried, esp. in the first tri. Try not to worry!!!

    Anyway, I haven't updated my blog yet. They initially thought it was a kidney infection but the culture came back as negative. My peri's opinion was different than my OB's. He thinks it was Baby A's placenta that was bleeding. But he looked all over and couldn't find any clots/hematomas or anything else bad. I was in a bad place last week because of this coinciding with Miss Conception's twin loss at the same gestational age. Anyhow, bad things happen to many good people but many people do "make it" so hang in there!


  3. Newbie - thanks for comment - I am going to add another beta to my bloodwork tomorrow. Trying to stay positive.

    Michelle - That is so scary and I hope that whatever was causing the bleeding resolved itself and you will not have a reoccurence. I know that must been awful to go through, especially with what happened to Miss Conception last week. Thanks for your reassurance.

  4. I totally understand your worrying - the spotting is super upsetting even though it's so common. I would be worried too - just because of all we've been through. I'm sure everything is great though. Hang in there - not much longer until the ultrasound.

  5. So scary, but totally normal according to my RE. I feel the same as you. I can't stand the thought of starting over now. We'll get through this!

  6. I had some spotting too early on. It was one day and very light but definitely scary. I remember going back and re-reading my CCRM materials and thinking it was probably nothing to worry about (which of course doesn't make it any less scary). So I can totally relate to what you must be feeling but know that it really is quite common. But if you're at all worried, tell your nurse. Certainly can't hurt to let her know.

    Also -- I too wanted more confirmation that I was still preggers for those early blood tests. So I just checked off HCG tests on my orders. My CCRM nurse didn't know what to do with the results bc they don't know what's normal after a few weeks, but I didn't care. I just wanted confirmation that my levels were continuing to rise. So I say do it if you want it. You deserve whatever info will put your mind at rest.

  7. Light brownish-red should be ok. I'm sorry you are having to go through that though-it's not easy! Thinking of you hoping that spotting has ceased and sending hugs!

  8. I can't imagine how scary it must be to see any spotting of any kind. I am pretty sure I will be freaked out with every 2WW. I can't wait to see how the u/s goes I know it will be good news! Before you know it you will be holding your baby and it will be all worth it.

  9. Sorry you are feeling so scared. I had spotting for about 2 weeks straight in the early days of my pregnancy and everything's still going along fine. But I hated the spotting, made me so nervous.
    Hope everything goes perfectly for you on Tuesday...