Monday, October 10, 2011

Another 2 week wait

I am lying flat on back on the couch waiting for the P4 suppository to do its thing.  Got a little time on my hands.  I was pretty taken aback by my high HCG levels and did alot of scouring of the web to see if it is really that predictive of twins.  My conclusion is that there is no way to know until you get the U/S because there is so much variability in HCG numbers.  There is about a 5% chance that a blastocyst would split which would lead to monochorionic identical twins (share the same placenta) which can lead to some serious complications.  I am of the mind not to worry about twins as it is statistically unlikely to occur.  It is more likely that I just have high HCG numbers.

Also I started fretting over my P4 levels because the nurse said they were 10.something on Sat.  I emailed the nurse and she emailed me back saying they were 14.4 and they want them >6 when you are on the suppositories, so that gave me a little peace of mind.

I go in on Thursday for a E2 and P4 check and that is it for the week.  My first u/s would fall around Oct. 25th.

I got called into Jury Duty for the first time ever, so I am going to try to get out of it because of the doctor's appointment, bloodwork that I need to do over the next couple weeks.  I think I have a pretty good excuse!

In other news Ammendment 26 - the Personhood Ammendment is gaining support of politicians on both side of the table in Missisippi - it just makes me sick.  They are supporting it just to get votes.  Though I think the medical community is starting to come out against it.  It will make me so mad if it ends up passing.

I hope the next 2 weeks pass quickly!


  1. I think you're right - HCG numbers can vary tremendously from person to person so it doesn't necessarily mean twins. Can't wait to hear how the ultrasound on the 25th goes!

  2. Oh the kills you. I agree that twins is much less of a possibility than just a high HCG. Either way, the best news is that you're pregnant! So happy for you, and I hope the time passes quickly until your first ultrasound.

  3. Here's to hoping that the next two weeks fly by! Congrats very happy for you!

  4. Congrats on the great second beta!! I have a feeling there may be two, but then again, you never can tell...Hang in there! I know the wait is tough!

  5. I'm in another two week wait too, until my next ultrasound. : )

    All the research I've done about betas say the levels mean next to nothing, it's more about them doubling. You could have a beta of 65 that doubles and is perfectly healthy or a beta of 200 that doesn't. Either way, you are golden and I think you're going to have an excellent u/s!

  6. I agree with beta numbers. On my previous pregnancy, they were over 240 on 9 dp 5 dt and more than doubled every 48 hours, yet there was only one sac. On this pregnancy, my HCG on 9 dp 5 dt (frozen embryos) was only in the 140's and the one I took 48 hours later came in just under double - so
    I never expected this to be a twin pregnancy (even though that's what I always wished for)!

    Hope the next two weeks go quickly. Snuggle in little Turtlet!!!

  7. Thanks for the back up on the transfer vs. implant terminology. And I arrive here to visit and find you in the midst of very good labwork numbers! Hope that time speeds up to the 25th so that you can have that reassurance!
    AnneR @

  8. I haven't been able to read your blog in a while- I am so happy to see that you got your BFP!! That is so exciting! I can't wait to hear how your u/s goes. Also, I am keeping up with the parenthood amendment. I just can't believe how stupid and one sided people can be! Ugh!

  9. So glad to read your levels continue to look good!