Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1st day of Lupron

I did my first Lupron injection today!  Yay – baby steps towards IVF.   It really wasn’t bad at all. 
I had a snafu with a bridesmaid dress today.  First it was shipped to Tampa, FL then the Bella Bridesmaid girl called and changed the shipping address to Oxford, Nebraska when I live in Oxford, MS.  It was supposed to get here today. And now it won’t be until a week from now. WTF?  
I have to order another bridesmaid dress for a December wedding and it is basically the same dress just a little bit different style and color.  Hopefully, I will be pregnant in December, but who the hell knows.  I don’t know if I should order a couple of sizes up and just take it in if I am not.  
So, yep, these dresses are stressing me out!
I guess if these dresses are my biggest problem today, then life ain't so bad.
I finished reading State of Wonder by Ann Patchett.  It was slow at first and picked up in the last 100 pages.  The characters were a little flat and annoying to me.  I think it would be a good book to either check out of the library or wait for paperback.  I did not think the author was particularly sympathetic to women who have fertility issues.  The author is 48 and childless, so I don’t know if it was something she struggled with herself or if she just decided to devote herself to her writing.  She has written 5 novels and I have heard that writing a book is not unlike birthing a child.
So my whole family sans me and my husband are on the beach in Destin, Florida right now.  We elected not to go this year because I will be “vacationing” in Colorado for 3 weeks.  Still I miss the beach and hanging out with my family.   
Yesterday I went to Memphis and it was nice to take a fertility unrelated trip up there for a change. I got my hair-did and got to pick up a few things at Whole Foods.  The first thing the stylist asked me was “do you have kids?”  I told her that we were working on that.  She has a sis-in-law who did IVF twice and it did not work and then she got pregnant naturally.  Don’t you love those stories?!   
I hope everyone is doing well out there in the blogosphere. 


  1. hooray for your injection going so well!! I found those not to be too bad at all. Your dresses sound like a challenge, fitting aside. My friend ended up pregnant for our wedding...she just switched with another friend of mine and had it taken in! It worked out...good luck! When are you going to CO?

  2. yay for your first lupron shot! Although I hate getting stuck every day, I do enjoy feeling like I'm doing something very real and very tangible to prep my body for my future baby :)

  3. Glad the Lupron shot wasn't as bad as you thought! Things are really moving now!

  4. Kelli - I am headed out to Colorado the 18th, if I pass muster on my "suppression check." I am so interested to see how my body responds to all of these meds.