Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trigger at Midnight!

Thanks for all the supportive comments on how to combat OHSS.  My estrogen went down enough to trigger tonight, though it is still up in the air if they will do a fresh transfer or not.  Dr. G will make a recommendation early this week.  The nurse I talked to gave me a lot of good info and clarified the situation for me.  I'm ok with a FET if we have to go that route- looks like it works well for alot of women (Manni!).
The reason I am at risk for OHSS is that my Day 3 labwork looked like I would not be a good responder.  My FSH was a little elevated, my AMH was borderline and my antral follicle count was only 10.  So they started me off with too much stimulation hormones.  Now I have 2 900 unit cartridges of Follistim left over, what is that, like $1000?  One of the cartridges got punctured and only 37 cc's were used.  What a waste!

They got me taking Dostinex to combat OHSS.  I was pleasantly surprised that my insurance covered it. The nurse said it might make me nauseous.  Ugh!  I am ready to be off all these meds.

So, we ended up calling a nurse who does home visits to administer the injection.   My husband did not feel comfortable giving me a shot in my hip and I am kind of relieved that he does not have to do it.  He has never given a shot in his life.   He needs to get hands on training before he practices on me.  Having a nurse come to me is an extra expense, but will give us peace of mind and probably a less painful IM injection experience.
Today was just another beautiful day in sunny Colorado.  After my morning u/s and labwork, I did a very small hike in Lone Tree that looked out onto the front range.  Went down to the REI in downtown Denver and watched people tubing down the Platte River.  Been to Whole Foods 3 times today.  One in Highlands Ranch (for breakfast), one on Hampden Blvd (for midafternoon snack) and then one in Cherry Creek just for the hell of it.  Maybe tomorrow would be a good day for just driving into the mountains.  We'll have to see how my ovaries feel about that.


  1. Awesome! I am so happy to hear things are moving forward :)

  2. Great news! Can't wait to hear how your ER goes!

  3. Congrats on trigger shot! Glad you are enjoying your visit to our beautiful city (despite the heat - we're not used to this)! If you do drive into the mountains, consider taking 70 to Idaho Springs, stopping at Tommyknockers for lunch and taking route 103 towards Mt Evans and back toward Evergreen. It's one of my favorite drives and is easily done in 4-6 hours. You could even stop in Golden in your way back (and take a tour of the Coors factory if you feel up to it).

  4. I'm so excited for you triggering tonight!!! And yes if you're at risk for OHSS I highly recommend FET. I felt like crap during OHSS. Super bloated, nauseous. I definitely did not feel like my body was ready to be a healthy inviting place for our embie. By doing the FET, you'll give your body time to recover from all the hormones etc so that you're as healthy as you can be for the FET. It draws out the timeline so that it'll take longer to find out if it worked (the wait nearly drove me bonkers toward the end) but I think the piece of mind of knowing my body was healthy when we transferred made it all totally worth it.

    Can't wait to hear how your ER goes! Enjoy what sounds like a lovely Co day!

  5. Getting there! Crossing fingers for you and liking your positive attitude!

  6. Yay!! I'm glad that your E2 went down and there is light at the end of the tunnel! I know how much the bloating sucks and it'll be such a relief to be off of the meds.

    Don't worry about the FET. Dr. Surrey told me that their FET are just as successful as their fresh, so you're in good hands.

    I hope your retrieval goes perfectly and your retrieve lots of awesome eggs!!

  7. Great news! Hope you have a great retrieval with lots of eggs!