Thursday, July 14, 2011

Green Light

Suppression check done and I am ready to start stimming on Saturday!  However, I had the most horrific morning.  Had a headache last night and went to bad early with an ice-pack.  My head still hurt when I woke up this morning, had to get R to drive me to Memphis.   I started getting nauseous and ended up vomiting at a gas station.  My appt was a complete blur.  I did have about 12 follies on the left and about 8 on right ovary and no cysts, so hopefully that is a good number to start with.  R called the acupuncturist and he fit me in at 9:30.  I managed to make it through the session, but vomited again right after the session.  And again the 1.5 hr car ride home.  My poor husband!  Finally made it home to my bed and called CCRM nurse and she said that I could take phenergan to knock me out ad stop the n/v, since I am not in a real sensitive time in the IVF cycle.  Thank god for that!
 Usually I take imitrex when I feel a bad headache coming on, but since it is a potent vasoconstrictor, Dr. G wants me to avoid it.  Once I get to the n/v state of a migraine, the imitrex does not really do that much.  So  I am going to have to be so so extra careful to avoid headache triggers when I get to Colorado.  One of them is altitude.  But I did read that dexamethasone treats altitude sickness, so maybe it will help with that.  Did any of you find that the stimulation hormones gave you headaches?


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that the stims are giving you such bad side effects. I've never had any problems with the meds, but then again, I typically don't have many side effects with any type of meds. I hope this isn't a recurring issue.

    Good luck on this cycle! 20 follies sound great!! I'm rooting for you!

  2. I'm so sorry you're having this reaction! I didn't get headaches from the stims but did from the altitude. Definitely drinks lots of water when you're in Denver. Also I bought a humidifier at Target to keep my room humid to help combat the dryness here (and the headaches).