Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fertilization Report!

We got word this morning that 18 out of 24 eggs were mature and 15 out of 18 eggs fertilized!  I know it's too early in the game to count my chickens, but I am so happy that we have this many embryos to grow.  We will get a Day 3 report on Friday.
I had an u/s (nonvag thank goodness) this morning to see if any fluid was accumulating in my 3rd space and it looks like I am in the clear.  I need to drink about 100 oz of fuid a day, so I am going to be a peeing machine!  I got up 3x last night to pee.  I am feeling pretty good today actually, sleeping better with the dexamethasone in my system.
We talked to our nurse this morning and she says I should take 1 month off before FET, so that puts us back out here in October!  Just in time to hopefully see the fall color in the mountains.
Feels so good to be feelin' good again!


  1. That's a great fert report!!! Looking forward to Friday's! In the meantime keep drinking that water and recovering. As an fyi -- the timeline you're describing is the same one I was on. You'll get a month to recover and detox from all the meds which is nice.

  2. Go embies, go embies, go embies, go!

    An October transfer means a June baby. No pregnancy in the hot, humid summer. Perfect timing!

  3. Yay!! Congrats! That is great news.

    The good thing about a FET is that you can just relax for the next few months and get prepped for the transfer!