Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Made it to Denver!

Whew!  That was a haul from Mississippi!  The air feels so good out here.  When I unpacked my clothes from my suitcase, they were damp from all the humidity down south!
 I had my first U/S - labwork appt.  My follies are growing, maybe a little too well.  They want me to decrease follistim from 300 to 150.   I don't have huge numbers, but respectable 9 on the right and 5 on the left.  They are keeping me at 150 units of menopur.   I have no clue what my hormones numbers were.  I am off tomorrow, so I have to glorious day to myself.  A good friend of mine has a 1 month old baby girl, so I am planning on hanging out with her and her little one tomorrow.
I am staying at the Hampton Inn and Suites in the Tech Center.  It is very comfortable and clean.  The only issue I ran into was the rental car.  I opted for the insurance on the rental and cost $50/d (more than the rental cost itself).  Turns out my credit card will cover any collision, so I had to drive all the way back to Hertz location at the airport to get the insurance off.  It was a pain, but will save me a bundle.
I have been so tired today due to the altitude - hoping I will be acclimated in a day or two.  Just trying to stay headache free.  So I am going to take it real easy.  It's kind of nice being by myself and being quiet.  I am on vacation!


  1. So excited for you!!! Can't wait to follow the next couple of weeks :)

  2. Yay! Glad you made it! Make sure you drink lots of water, especially since you're not used to the altitude. Your numbers sound GREAT! I started off with about 17 and they ended up retrieving 29 so you never know. Enjoy your day off.

  3. Awesome! I think it's a great follicle count. Enjoy tomorrow!

  4. So glad you made it and sounds like a great first day! Enjoy your day off...I'm excited for you and hoping this is it!

  5. Glad things are going well so far! And your numbers looks great! I wonder if they decreased your meds to prevent OHSS rather than because they think you have enough follies. Not that there's anything wrong with 14 follies! But I agree with Jen -- this early int eh game you may get even more :)
    Enjoy your vacation!